I wanted my brand to have my face. I wanted the products to convey the culture, life, style and dignity of work; all seasoned with passion, the desire to know, to discover, to listen. Success is being able to create something important, interesting and meaningful for the lives of other people and having confirmation of it also from the outside. It is something very beautiful because it gives you the energy, the adrenaline to move forward.Innovating, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to have the right resources to cultivate a team of people to work with at best. Creativity is essential for the growth of the brand and the conceptual dimension of the brand itself.The essential is to establish a relationship of trust, experiment and create synergies in a logic of reciprocity and comparison as a lever of competitive advantage and favor the sharing of valuable content. .

Arianna Huffington: "Face your fears: train the muscle of courage"

"Courage is like a muscle: the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes." This is the opinion of Arianna Huffington, writer, journalist, founder ofHuffington Post, who in one of his books takes up the thought of Socrates, who says that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to manage it. It is learning about what we need not be afraid of. "We can never completely eliminate our fears, but we can make sure they don't stop us from daring, from taking risks, from thinking about new things, from failing and then starting over," writes Huffington. "The more comfortable we feel when we fall, the less worried we will be about what people think, the less we will judge ourselves every time we make a mistake, the easier our journey will be."